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An online marketplace that helps small retail and entertainment entrepreneurs grow their business by making it convenient for them to seamlessly showcase their products online and in multiple connected retail spaces simultaneously and creating a community of business owners who connect, share spaces and support one another through cross-promotions and sales.

The online marketplace for connected marketplaces lists shop spaces, enabling Vendors to connect, showcase their merchandise in multiple physical locations including pop up shops connected through an online marketplace where they share spaces, connect, list their products so that consumers can buy them more easily through proximity, availability and recommendation.

This way vendors are no longer stuck in one location, their inventory is spread over multiple locations making it more convenient for consumers to physically engage, try on apparel, touch and feel merchandise, make payment, click and collect etc.

A London based vendor can showcase their merchandise easily to Paris consumers with little hassle.


Despite being able to order online for items to be delivered to their home address, 80% of shoppers, particularly when dealing with smaller and less well-known brands prefer the face to face engagement as this builds consumer confidence and familiarity. The biggest obstacle to this intent driven engagement is proximity. When shopper’s favours proximity most when it comes to engagement. They start with “what is closest to me, how badly do I need this item, what am I willing to do or to what extent am I willing to go to get this item?” These then determines frequency of engagement.

By bringing the merchandise in closer proximity to the consumer, based on the strategically located position each Tradesquare is, this eliminates the biggest barrier to physical engagement. This can therefore boost the vendors sales by up to 500%.

Payment is also easier as the inventory is directly linked to the Marketplace, it is easier to centralize payments from all 5 locations. So, each item sold in each location is directly reflected in the inventory and every payment made automatically reflects also.


Marketplaces, pop-up shops, boutiques and other physical locations are called MarketSquares as they are measured by square mile and supported by GPS, location beacons, indoor GPS, Augmented and Virtual realities, 3D visualisation, AI powered image recognition and many more.


Within MarketSquares are what we refer to as TradePods. These are each vendor’s allocated space or trading pods. Consumers are guided using the above-mentioned technologies to each Vendor’s TradePod.


Vendors are brands and retail business owners.